Accidents will happen.真意外!
A black sheep.敗家子
Apple of the God's eye.神的寵兒!
After me the deluge!我怎能管那麼多!
That's a lot of junks!那都是一些鬼東西!
Are you trippin?你腦子浸水了嗎?
A piece of cake!太簡單了!
A stuffed shirt.擺架子大王~
All washed up.一事無成。
Are you out of your mind?你腦子有毛病嗎?
A bad thing never dies.遺臭萬年。
Bolt from the blue.天打雷劈。
Bark up the wrong tree.找錯人了!
Close to your vest.保密。
Can you be more specific?能不能再明確一點?
Cut it out!省省吧!
Cry in my beer.對酒自憐
Does that ring a bell?有沒有想起什麼?
Don’t throw cold water on me.別給我潑冷水
Don’t pull my dog.別逗了!
Don’t drag your feet.別磨蹭了。
Don’t behave like a Badly brought up!別跟沒教養似的。
Don’t eat your words.請勿食言!
Don’t be so sensitive.別這麼敏感!
Don’t make a fuss.別大驚小怪的!
For the sake of ulterior ends.別有用心。
Figure it out later.我在想想就知道了。
Foot the bill.付錢吧。
Fly off the handle.失去控制。
God’s will difficult to examine.天意難測!
Great minds think alike.英雄所見略同!
He is a complete nerd!書呆子!
How time flies!時光匆匆!
He is a complete wimp!十足的笨蛋!
He is real a turkey!真是個蠢蛋!
I’ve done my best!我已經盡力了!
It’s righteous!真是太酷啦!
I’m really crazy about it!我真的很迷它!
I was not born yesterday!別把我當孩子看!
I am in hot water!我已經但盡糧絕啦!
I feel like killing someone.我真想殺人!
I have a crush on it.我太著迷了!
I have had it enough! I’m fed up!我受夠了!
It’s real a bad day.今天很倒楣。
Just try to relax!放輕鬆些!
Just for laugh.就是找樂子!
Keep something under the hat!守口如瓶!
Keep you at arm’s length.你最好走遠點!
Keep your shirt on.多些耐心。
Let the bygones be!過去的事都過去了。
Made it!搞定!
Make a big deal out of it!小題大作!
Never offer to teach a fish to swim.不要班門弄斧。
On the fence.風吹兩面倒。
Once bitten twice shy.吃虧後長見識。
Put on air.裝腔作勢。
Pass the buck.推卸責任。
Put it on the back burner.先把他緩緩。
Put me to shame.讓我丟臉!
Put up a good show!精采的演示!
Rain or shine.風雨無阻。
She turns me on!怦然心動!
Stop bugging me and go away!別煩我啦,滾遠點!
Stop nagging please!別嘮叨的沒完沒了!
Sounds like it!我想也是!
Situations are different.形勢不同了。
Take it easy.放心好了。
Teach you a good lesson.好好教訓你。
That got so awkward.真尷尬。
That’s against my principle.那違背我的原則。
That’s incredible.真是難以置信。
That’s something.太棒了。
The shoe is on the other foot.完全兩回事。
The world is so small.世界太小!
This is over my head.我真想不透。
Throw me a loop.吃驚。
Throw me a wet blanket.掃興。
Time will tell.等著瞧。
To be frankly speaking.坦白說….
To take candy from baby.輕而易舉。
Under the nose.就在鼻子底下。
Water off a duck’s back.不當回事。
What a pity.多遺憾哪!
Wise up!聰明點好嗎!
What’s the hell is gonging on?這是怎麼回事?
Who care about that?誰在乎那些?
Without rhyme or reason.莫名奇妙。
What on earth?究竟是什麼?
You are so mean.你真壞!
You bastard.混帳!
You get on my nerve.你惹火我了!
You must be kidding!你不是認真的吧!
You are a sight for sore eyes.你真是稀客~
You’re away too far!太過分了!
You are right on the beam.您確實不錯!
You lucky dog.你真幸運!
You have a lot of nerve.臉皮真厚。
You Idiot!你這個白痴!


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